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Sound Collection Jacket with Matching Trousers
"In Your Neighborhood"

Collecting Sounds and Stories of Hamtramck
Handmade Task Uniform and Backpack
Everyday Performance

Collecting Sounds and Oral Histories of the Neighborhood to place in the Tin Cans which hang from the tree in the middle of the installation.

After observing what people wear here in Hamtramck, I made myself a blue track suit and Sound Recording Back Pack so I can be fully geared for collecting sounds of the neighborhood.

Since the show is about the sights and sounds of the town it is immersed in, placing all of the collected information right at the heart of the city in a storefront accessible location made sense. The images in the show are able to be viewed right outside of the window here.

The red chairs house the conversation corner where gallery goers and others are invited to share their stories of Hamtramck. I record their oral histories and they get placed into more listening tin cans that get hung on the tree during the course of the show.