Conversation Domes. Sound Installation at the Broad Art Museum

I seek out real-life day-to-day conflicts, some arising from the obtuse nature of the surrounding architecture, some from oblivious human behavior. I study the problems and create simple, wearable solutions in the form of helmets and uniforms. The design of my work is intentionally awkward and meant to attract attention through the use of bright colors and humorous forms. I make it to reveal behaviors that are observed in our world as being absurd, and, in turn, use the absurdity of these artworks to highlight these behaviors.

I try to suggest a change or a new way of thinking. My work is not meant to hang on a wall. It’s meant to be touched and handled and worn. It’s about engaging the viewer to not simply view the work, but to participate and become active within the piece itself. I want them to dress up in it, to wear it, and see themselves strangely adorned, and realize suddenly that there is a real function to the piece. The paper and fabric constructions may be fantastical in size and shape for everyday use, but they do work. They perform a job. They correct a problem and, above all, engage people in communal action and conversation in the midst of our increasingly solitary world.