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Sound Collecting Suit and Recording Backpack
Handcrafted Track suit

The Sound Collecting Suit and Recording Backpack actually came into being 4 years ago when I first moved to Hamtrack, a part of Detroit.

I made it to wear to fit into the city, while at the same time standing out enough to conduct interviews with people in the neighborhood. It is a uniform I wear to collect sounds of my city. It takes cues from some Eastern European and contemporary sportswear that is all around me here in Detroit. I made this with pockets and a backpack that would carry my recording equipment as I collected the sounds of church bells, the call to prayer, parades, and interviews with Hamtramck residents and recent immigrants.

This sound collecting suit and 'daily' performance is an ongoing project and will continue even after the show at the Mattress Factory comes down.

(Here it is displayed in a diagrammatic format as part of the installation, something I do often in my prints and work. I like the instructional implications of such a format.)