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Currently on view through May 25th, 2014 at the Mattress Factory museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as part of the exhibition, Detroit Artists in Residence, My City is Your City is a visual and audible snapshot of the 2.2 square mile city of Hamtramck, Michigan. Hamtramck is where I live and it is totally surrounded by Detroit, just like the Vatican City is enclosed in the larger city of Rome.

My City is Your City is an installation and performance using the Sound Collecting Suit, which has everything I need to capture interviews and conversations and sounds of Hamtramck. I made it when I first moved to Hamtramck from the suburbs, and it acts as a catalyst and a uniform to do my job of collecting information from this unique place.

The sounds are presented to the visitors in tin can telephones that hang down from the forest of found alleyway wood- reclaimed wood from demos and new construction in town. A mural of my alley is painted on the back wall.