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This, the first of many unusual task Uniforms, was made for the specific need to assimilate to a new environment during an artist residency at Anderson Ranch Art Center.

It includes everything to ease into the highly affluent and low oxygenated mountain environment.

The Acclimation Suit 6600 holds everything required to adjust in customized pockets, to get oxygen into the system with water...and to promote socialization with beer and a predetermined task set up for the exchange Acclimation Fact Cards for name tags for each person met in town. Thus, promoting recognition and 'acclimation' into a tight knit highly fluctuating community.

Model complete with 'emergency flag'

Aspen, Acclimation, Suit, Body, Performance, Tools, Frelinghuysen
fabricated uniform, name tags, fact cards, 'job'
daily performance
Acclimation Suit (for Aspen)
Performance, Custom Uniform, Name Tag Cards
Acclimation Suit 6600 (for Aspen)
Fabricated Uniform, Task Cards, Performace
Daily Performance